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Kingdom: New Lands Receives Free Skull Island Content Update

Raw Fury has released a free content update for Kingdom: New Lands on Nintendo Switch, introducing the challenging Skull Island to the monarchy simulator. This harrowing place will only become availab...


Kingdom: New Lands Update Version 1.0.1 Introduces New Game Icon And Improvements

Raw Fury has released a new software update for Kingdom: New Lands, the first that they have released for the kingdom-building simulator on the portable home console. This throws away the pixellated c...


Kingdom New Lands Review

Build, expand, defend. Your objective in Kingdom: New Lands is concise, even if it isn’t particularly clear right from the outset. For actions speak louder than words, and, after timidly followi...

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Kingdom: New Lands Conquers Nintendo Switch On September 14th

Raw Fury Games has announced that Kingdom: New Lands will soon see release on Nintendo Switch. When tales spread that far off isles have mysteries waiting to be discovered, rulers need all the strengt...

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