Hollow Knight On Nintendo Switch Now Feature Complete

Hollow Knight Image

After Team Cherry recruited Shark Jump Studios to help port Hollow Knight to Nintendo Switch, progress has started to quicken.

That has now seen the Nintendo Switch version become “feature complete,” with the team now moving on to the testing and optimisation phase.

“Quick Update: Switch version is now feature complete! Prep your Joy-Con (Or your Pro Controller, if you prefer). From now until Hollow Knight’s (unspecified) Switch launch day it’s all about testing and optimisation, all the time,” Team Cherry explained in an update. “That’s still a task mind you! But things are really rolling now!

“And though it may go without saying, Hidden Dreams will, of course, be included with the Switch version at launch!”

Hidden Dreams is the first free content pack for the game, which adds two new bosses, two new music tracks, the new Dream Gate upgrade and a new Stag Station. This content will be accessible at any point in the game, and will see release in July across other platforms.

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