Head To Toys R Us On Pokémon Day For Freebies


27th February 2016 has been named as Pokémon Day, the date marking 20 years since the first Pokémon games launched in Japan.

Across North America, The Pokémon Company International has teamed up with Toys R Us to celebrate the occasion. Those that visit participating stores can receive special foil Pokémon TCG cards from the new Generations expansion that feature Pikachu and Magikarp, a Pokémon activity book, and a poster of the original 151 Pokémon.

The retailer will also have an exclusive Generations-themed folio binder available for those that purchase the new expansion, with everything being available while supplies last.

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        1. you guys get some pretty cool stuff, I cant remember exactly what it was but i think it was when ORAS came out ya’ll got something I was interested in that was better than the US, but you are right, we do tend to get better special consoles, like latter this month we will get the new 3DS w/ faceplates and ya’ll only get 2DSs, so I can see your pain hun.

        2. You had the wireless Singstar microphones for the Playstation. Can you imagine seeing all the commercials and even the intro to the game and everyone using something you can not get in the US?

          1. As epic as your reply is, alas we didnt have jesus, the africans and missle easterners did. We did get Hitler though, if that still counts

        3. What? Youve gotten be kidding. Europe is being treated like royalty for last few years especially from Nintendo. Fatal Frame Limited PHYSICAL edition, non retailer exclusive amiibo, amiibo first! From last gen on Wii you guys got a lot of Japanese games that were never brought over. Hyrule Warriors LE, Mario Kart 8 LE, you guys got the N3ds regularly for almost a year before we got the regular one. I don’t really need to go on.. lol

          1. Are you kidding? You wouldn’t and can’t just move to the US because they have better events, it’s not like walking down the street.

            These things cost money. 😛

    1. Screw Europe. Have fun with your Syrian refugee invasion. Must suck living in a place where firearms are made illegal to own so you cannot protect your family and friends. : p

      1. FYI, I’d rather live in a country with illegal firearms everyday. Americans are f***ing stupid for making guns legal. That’s why so many of you f***ers die, because you shoot willy nilly.

      2. We enjoy not having school massacres every five minutes though.
        Plus, we like to help people not kill them.
        Good luck with not being shot.

      3. if you live in a country like the USA or Europe where you need a gun to stay save your country has problems.

      4. I would rather live in a place where fire arms are harder to get, it means we have less random shootings!! And that’s got nothing to with Pokemon!

    2. Consider yourselves lucky. I live in Canada where we get nearly bupkiss. I’m lucky the Mew promo was brought here, but we missed out on Hoopa. Diancie was only available as a wifi mystery gift for three days (six months after ORAS was released). Holo legendaries, special codes for Heracross and Pinsir. We got none of that here. You guys get almost everything USA gets.

      1. you guys are f***ing retarded the versions we have now are the enhanced versions, the original red and green werent ever released anywhere japan, why would they release a sub par product…

        1. I call b******t. I live in America and had red blue and yellow for the gbc so I know for a FACT those 3 were released here. Green is the only one that wasn’t. Other games we got lacked certain features as well specifically crystal not allowing for the capture of celibi. P****d me off when I found out it worked in Japan copies but not US like why the fuck not? Greedy b*****ds lol

          1. Japan got Red and Green initially, but they then got an enhanced version (bugfixes, better sound/graphics, ect…) called Blue. The engine of their Blue version was mixed with the Exclusive Pokemon lists and wild encounter tables of Red and Green to make our localized Red and Blue versions. About the only significant thing you’re missing from Green is the original Red/Green layout of the Cerulean Cave.

  1. In Japan’s defence, they were the ones that came out with the game.. They’re just keeping a little something for themselves out of all the other ones they shared with us.

  2. It’s just hilarious see how this went from pokemon to somehow talking smack about each others nations then somehow got back to pokemon, but seriously is it only gonna come out with just two cards, a book and a poster?

  3. As stated earlier, the US is getting a release of all mythical pokemon up until december for the 3DS titles. X, Y, and ORAS copies can get these pokemon. Mew is already active and people can get their Mew codes at Gamestop. I got my 4 =)

  4. > > Which Toys R Us’ are going to have these? I’d really like to know if I should waste time going out to one to find they’re not participating or know for sure “Oh there are none in my area.”

    1. You could always go to the store or go to the Toys “R” Us website to see if it will be participating at your store.

    1. It was meant for children 6 and up but all ages were included a week before the event. I had more adults in my line than kids. And greedy mofos with no manners demanding me to give them multiples.. -_-

  5. I don’t understand all of you complaining (“this region gets that and my region doesn’t”) (“greedy Japan gets everything”)…. just be happy you even get Pokemon. This thread is truly the FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS thread lmao.

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