Has-Been Heroes Sets Out For Adventure On March 28th

has been heroes boss image

Gametrust has announced when Has-Been Heroes will send the rogue-like strategy game’s band of heroes on their quest.

Players must control three characters as they escort the King’s twin princesses to the Princess Academy, unleashing hundreds of different spells at any enemies that cross their path.

With irreverent humour, expansive world maps and increasing levels of difficulty, developer Frozenbyte has looked to make sure that players will enjoy the breadth of an experience that the game will allow – with thousands of spells and items at your disposal.

For those that want to buy a physical copy at retail, Has-Been Heroes will be exclusive to GameStop in Europe and North America, and EB Games in Australia and New Zealand.

Has-Been Heroes will release on Nintendo Switch in Europe, North America and Australia on March 28th.

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