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Has-Been Heroes Review

After defeating the evil witch and rescuing the most beautiful princess in the whole kingdom, recapturing the royal diamond mines from giant spiders, and freeing the people of the five kingdoms by sla...

7 Good

Has-Been Heroes Update Version 1.0.3 Now Available

Frozenbyte has released a “big quality update” for Has-Been Heroes, seeing their challenging, lane-based roguelike strategy and action game now sat on version 1.0.3. The update, which the ...

Has-Been Heroes Sets Out For Adventure On March 28th

Gametrust has announced when Has-Been Heroes will send the rogue-like strategy game’s band of heroes on their quest. Players must control three characters as they escort the King’s twin pr...


Has-Been Heroes Goes Rogue On Nintendo Switch

GameTrust has announced Has-Been Heroes for Nintendo Switch, a rogue-like strategy game created by Trine series developer Frozenbyte. The premise is brilliant, reflecting on the fact that a time comes...

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