Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Guide: Character Likes And Dislikes

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is as much about building support levels with other characters, as much as it is commanding your house on the battlefield.

While returning Lost Items and handing out Gifts will reward you with support points, another method is Tea Parties. This is where you can invite someone in your house for tea, or, if your support level is high enough, those not in your house.

Tea Parties are another chance for you to bond with other characters and uses up an Activity Point whenever you choose to explore Garreg Mach Monastery in your downtime. If you prove to be a good host, the Charm stats of Byleth and your selected guest will also increase.

The problem is, the explanation of this gameplay element isn’t particularly detailed which has left many wondering what exactly they need to do to succeed.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea For Two Quest

Firstly, you will need to unlock the Invite to Tea option. The earliest that this can happen is in Month 2: Blue Sea Moon, where you can accept the Tea For Two quest from Ferdinand at the Stable.

After making a “dreadful mistake,” he has ended up with two of the same tea set. He, therefore, hands you the Elegant Tea Set and asks that you find a tea aficionado who is worthy of it.

The character that you need to deliver it to is Lorenz, who, after locating him standing near the Fishing Pond, you can hand over the Elegant Tea Set as a Gift. This will complete the Tea For Two quest, and unlock the chance for you to invite characters to a Tea Party.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party Tips

Regardless of which character you choose to Invite For Tea, you will find yourself in a scenic location in Garreg Mach Monastery’s gardens.

After selecting which tea you will like to use and offering it to your guest, there will be three instances in which you will have to choose between three topics of conversation.

Your goal is to pick conversation topics that you think your guests will like, and, if they are enjoying themselves, they may introduce their own topics.

If you manage to receive a positive reaction to the three conversation topics that you select, you will be given the chance to choose a fourth topic. Make the right choice here and you will score a ‘Perfect,’ rewarding both characters with +1 Charisma.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Time Topics

The hardest part is selecting the right topics, as, more often than not, making the correct choice can feel obscure. The easiest way to explain how to make your decision is to think about the character that you are interacting with.

For example, Sylvain – as Fire Emblem’s own Casanova – will be more than interested in talking about any romance-orientated topics, whereas the cold-hearted Hubert will not want to strike up a conversation about fashion.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Likes And Dislikes

The best topics will be hinted at in all areas of the game, whether that be Paralogues, support conversations, or your interactions with characters as you wander around Garreg Mach Monastery.

From these, you will soon start to learn a character’s Likes and Dislikes. But, what use would a guide be if we didn’t try to help gather up what everyone has jotted down so far?

In short, you will want to look for positive topics (Likes) that a character will want to discuss with you, and avoid those that they don’t (Dislikes).

Likes: Family, Flowers, Jokes, Knights, and Sweets.
Dislikes: Ghosts, Spicy Food, and Traveling By Sea.

Likes: Dancing, Dressing Up, Early Morning Walks, and Washing Clothes.
Dislikes: Coffee, Dark Places, Dirtiness, Laziness, and Places That Are Hard To Clean.

Likes: Stories About Chivalry, Sweets, Taking Care Of Children, Travel, and Violets.
Dislikes: Confined Spaces, Deceit, Ghosts, and Violence.

Likes: Being Alone, Drawing, Embroidery, Music, Reading, and Stuffed Animals.
Dislikes: Imposing People, Overbearing Fathers, and Talking To People.

Likes: Defeating Evil, and Fighting.
Dislikes: Inequity, Liars, Rain, and Time-Wasting.

Likes: Archery, Curious Topics, Feasts, and Horse Riding.
Dislikes: Being Bound By Common Sense, Blind Faith In The Gods, and Leaving Things To Chance.

Likes: Arts, Embroidery, Flowers, and Gardening.
Dislikes: Bothering Dimitri.

Likes: Acting, Animals, Decorations, Music, and Singing.
Dislikes: Conceited Nobles, and Herself.

Likes: Battle Training, Physical Training, Riding, and Weapons.
Dislikes: Heat, Selfishness, and Weak Objects.

Likes: Debate, History, and Talented People.
Dislikes: Chains, Crests, Losing Control, Old-Fashioned Values, and Rats.

Likes: Combat, High-Quality Weapons, Hunting, Meat, and Spicy Food.
Dislikes: Chivalry, His Father, Light-Heartedness, and Sweets.

Likes: Horse Riding, Justice, Nobility, and Tea.
Dislikes: Ignoble Nobles, and Laziness.

Likes: Forget-Me-Nots, Learning New Things, Making Friends, and Talking About Love.
Dislikes: Seteth’s Over-Protection, and Sleeping Too Much.

Likes: Food Cooked By Others, Handkerchiefs, and Neat and Tidy Workplaces.
Dislikes: Cooking Himself, Corruption, Politics, and Untidiness.

Likes: Dancing, Fashion, Flowers, and Singing.
Dislikes: Being Tired, Extreme Weather, Putting In Effort, and Responsibilities.

Likes: Intelligence, Protecting Edelgard, and Tactics and Strategy.
Dislikes: Clumsiness, Gambling, Heights, People Who Bother Edelgard, and The Church of Seiros.

Likes: Art, Faraway Lands, Flowers, Landscapes, Peace, the Four Saints, and the Goddess.
Dislikes: Lightning, Stressful situations, and Those Who Dislike Art.

Likes: Chivalry, Food, Horses, Knights, and Meat.
Dislikes: Hunger, Lavishness, and People From Duscur.

Likes: Competition, Gardening, Hunting, Jeralt, Military Arts, and Reusing Old Things.
Dislikes: Debt, Decadence, Defeat, and Poisonous Creatures.

Likes: Fishing, Freedom, Naps, Reading, Sleeping, and Sweets.
Dislikes: Blood, Duty, Fighting, Politics, and Weapons.

Likes: Art, Nobility, Red Roses, and Tea.
Dislikes: Bad Smells, Coffee, Filth, Injustice, and Vulgarity.

Likes: Cute things, Lilies, and Sweets.
Dislikes: Being Perceived As A Child, Bitter Food, Ghosts, and Hard Work.

Likes: Cooking, Dancing, Needlework, Refreshing Drinks, and Singing.
Dislikes: Bullies, Cleaning, and Tidying.

Likes: Birds, Flowers, Reading, and the Goddess.
Dislikes: Cleaning up, Crests, and Herself.

Likes: Baking, and Praying.
Dislikes: Exercising, and Spicy Food.

Likes: Climbing Trees, Family, Ocean Swimming, Sunshine, and The Brigid Islands.
Dislikes: Discrimination, Idling, and Math.

Likes: His Younger Sister, Muscles, Protein, and Training.
Dislikes: Books, Leftover Food, and Studying.

Likes: Archery, Gambling, Paychecks, and Thrown Weapons.
Dislikes: Centipedes, Smooth-Talking People, and Spiders.

Likes: Diligence, Fishing, Flayn, and The Church of Seiros.
Dislikes: Those Who Dislike Flayn, and Those Who Dislike The Church of Seiros.

Likes: Board Games, Lively Places, and Women.
Dislikes: Excessive Heat, Jealousy, and Messy Places.

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