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The money-saving Silver Card is an item that is offered through the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass. Made available in Pack 1, Nintendo has not been particularly clear about how to obtain it.

You will first need to witness the event to unlock Emblem Edelgard (with Dimitri and Claude), which you can trigger at the Lookout Ridge in the Somniel. The easiest way to reach this location is to access the Somniel Map (X Button) and then fast-travel to the area.

Once you have watched the event, you can return to the World Map to see that Divine Paralogues have been unlocked. The first – Divine Paralogue: The Ancestor – takes place on the Dragon Temple map, which is where you can recover the Silver Card item and unlock Emblem Tiki.

Nintendo states that you simply need to “complete one of the newly-added Divine Paralogues to receive the Silver Card,” but this isn’t entirely correct. The Silver Card is a missable pick-up item on the battlefield, located next to a lake to the northwest of the Dragon Temple map.

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It’s problematic as it lies outside of the boundaries of the map’s terrain, with impassable walls blocking your path to recover it. To reach the Silver Card, you will need a unit that can use a Warp staff to teleport another unit beyond the wall so that they can pick it up.

Intelligent Systems is clearly aware that they could catch players out with this unobvious requirement, as you will find a Warp staff in one of the Treasure Chests in the room to the northwest. The Warp staff is “imbued with space-warping magic,” and lets you teleport an adjacent ally up to five spaces away.

There is also an enemy unit that drops a Rewarp staff, which can be used to teleport its user five spaces away. Another option is Emblem Celica’s Warp Ragnarok attack, but it’s a much harder method as you will need to rely on an enemy unit being close enough to a nearby wall for it to be an option.

The Silver Card is missable as once you have conquered the Divine Paralogue for the first time, your only option is Recall Battle. This allows you to replay a story and battle from the Expansion Pass, but you cannot earn any experience or items from them. More troublingly, the Silver Card item does not appear to respawn if you missed it – which is something that they will seemingly need to address in a future software update.

The Silver Card is a worthwhile item to have, as owning it will grant you a 30 percent discount at the Armory and Item Shop on the Somniel.

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Fire Emblem Engage is now available at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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