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Recruitment in Fire Emblem Engage is far less complicated when compared with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. With no branching paths, stat or skill requirements, there are hardly any missable characters to recruit in what is a largely linear entry in the long-running tactical role-playing series.

You will recruit most characters through normal story progression, but what you will want to look out for is any Paralogues as they become available and any temporary allies that Alear will need to speak to mid-battle.

We found that there were five characters that we are led to believe are missable – Jean, Anna, Jade, Lindon and Saphir – if you don’t complete their respective Paralogues. You can see where these first become available in the list below, as well as the story battles in which Alear must talk to Jade, Lindon and Saphir to recruit them.

You needn’t worry about the 12 Emblem Ring characters, as these are unmissable and will all be obtained from your continued progression through the game’s storyline.

Warning: Please be aware that the list below will contain story-related spoilers and the characters that you can recruit, and therefore carries the risk that it could ruin Fire Emblem Engage’s many twists and turns if you are still on your first playthrough.

List of Recruitable Characters in Fire Emblem Engage

Chapter or Paralogue NameCharacters Recruited or Reward
Chapter 1: Awake at LastClanne, Framme, Vander and Emblem Marth
Chapter 2: Queen LumeraNone
Chapter 3: HostilitiesEmblem Sigurd
Chapter 4: A Land in BloomAlfred, Etie, Boucheron, Céline, Louis, Chloé and Emblem Celica
Chapter 5: Retaking the CastleNone
Paralogue: Budding Talent Jean (Alear must speak to him mid-battle)
Chapter 6: The Stolen RingYunaka and Emblem Micaiah
Paralogue: Mysterious MerchantAnna (Alear must speak to her mid-battle after she escapes the treasure chest she hides in)
Chapter 7: Dark EmblemAlcryst, Lapis and Citrinne
Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might
Diamant, Amber, Emblem Roy and Emblem Leif

Chapter 9: A Clash of ForcesJade (Alear must talk to her mid-battle)
Chapter 10: The Fell Dragon SombronNone
Chapter 11: RetreatIvy, Zelkov, Kagetsu, Emblem Lyn and Emblem Lucina
Paralogue: The ExaltEmblem Lucina Max Bond Level Unlocked
Chapter 12: The SentinelsFogado, Pandreo and Bunet
Paralogue: The Lady of the PlainsEmblem Lyn Max Bond Level Unlocked
Chapter 13: Heroes of the OasisTimerra, Merrin, Panette and Emblem Ike
Paralogue: The Radiant HeroEmblem Ike Max Bond Level Unlocked
Chapter 14: The Battle for SolmHortensia and Emblem Byleth
Paralogue: The InstructorEmblem Byleth Max Bond Level Unlocked
Chapter 15: Dancer in the RuinsSeadall and Emblem Corrin
Paralogue: The Crux of FateEmblem Corrin Max Bond Level Unlocked
Chapter 16: Seashore TravelsRosado, Goldmary and Emblem Eirika
Paralogue: The Azure TwinEmblem Eirika Max Bond Level Unlocked
Chapter 17: Serenity in RuinEmblem Sigurd and Emblem Leif recovered
Paralogue: The Holy KnightEmblem Sigurd Max Bond Level Unlocked
Paralogue: The Sage LordEmblem Leif Max Bond Level Unlocked
Chapter 18: The Cold VoyageLindon (missable as Alear must speak to him mid-battle)
Chapter 19: The Dead TownSaphir (missable as Alear must speak to her mid-battle), Emblem Micaiah and Emblem Roy recovered
Paralogue: The Dawn Maiden
Emblem Micaiah Max Bond Level Unlocked
Paralogue: The Young LionEmblem Roy Max Bond Level Unlocked
Chapter 20: The Kingless CastleEmblem Celica recovered
Paralogue: The Caring PrincessEmblem Celica Max Bond Level Unlocked
Chapter 21: The ReturnMauvier and Emblem Marth recovered
Chapter 22: The Fell and the DivineVeyle
Paralogue: The Hero-KingEmblem Marth Max Bond Level Unlocked
Paralogue: The ConnectorThe Pact Ring: If you’ve reached support level A with an ally, you can give that ally the Pact Ring to strengthen your bond even further. You can find the ring in the memento drawer in your room. If you cannot find your chosen ally on the Somniel, try resting in bed awhile. You can only give the Pact Ring to one of your allies. Choose the recipient carefully.
Chapter 23: The Four HoundsNone
Chapter 24: RecollectionsNone
Chapter 25: The Final GuardianNone
Chapter 26: The Last EngageNone

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Fire Emblem Engage is now available at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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