Fils-Aime: “inexpensive” App Store games are damaging industry

reggie fils aime

Nintendo of America CEO and President Reggie Fils-Aime has once again weighed in on the surge in popularity of Apple’s App Store available for its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad range of products, describing the content as being “inexpensive games that are candidly disposable from a consumer standpoint.”

He believes that such low-priced content is also potentially damaging for the games industry, as consumers opt to pay a few dollars rather than purchasing full retail releases for their consoles and handhelds.

“I actually think that one of the biggest risks today in our industry are these inexpensive games that are candidly disposable from a consumer standpoint,” Fils-Aime explains. “I actually think some of those games are overpriced at one or two dollars but that’s a whole different story.”

He continues, “Angry Birds is a great piece of experience but that is one compared to thousands of other pieces of content that for one or two dollars I think actually create a mentality for the consumer that a piece of gaming content should only be two dollars.”

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