Family Fishing to use unique Wii peripheral


Yuji Naka, acclaimed creator of SEGA’s popular Sonic and Nights characters, is currently developing a fishing game for Wii through his Prope studio.

To be known simply as ‘Family Fishing,’ it’s due to be published by Namco Bandai and will release across Japan on August 4th.

Whilst the opportunity to fish will be a fundamental aspect of the game, you’ll also be free to explore the island at your leisure – utilising a variety of vehicles for transportation as you participate in mini-games and collect items.

As you catch fish, you’ll begin to collect points that may be exchanged to purchase new tools. A total of fifteen locations, including see, rivers and lakes, will all provide different species and the fish that you collect may then be used to expand an aquarium.

You can catch the Family Fishing peripheral and debut trailer below:


[Thanks, Andriasang]
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