Every Way You Can Celebrate Pokémon Day!

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21 years ago today the very first Pokémon games were released in Japan, and, since then, February 27th has been celebrated as Pokémon Day.

The Pokémon Company once again has plenty planned to commemorate Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green’s launch in 1996, with fans encouraged to share their best Pokémon moments on Twitter using the hashtag #PokemonDay.

Remember that Party Hat Pikachu will be available in Pokémon GO until Monday 6th March at 1pm PST, until which any Pikachu encountered in the wild will be wearing a festive party hat.

An all-day celebration of Pokémon competitions will be shown on Twitch, showing many of the most memorable matches from the Pokémon TCG, video games, and Pokkén Tournament from the past several years.

For those in North America, the Pokémon Center has also released a new Gallery Figures collection. The first set includes Eevee, Mew, Magikarp and Pikachu each performing their signature attacks. These figures have been designed specifically for the Pokémon Center, meaning that this is the first time that they have been made available to purchase.

Pokémon TV on Pokemon.com or the mobile app is hosting a movie marathon for a limited time, letting you watch the original classic Pokémon: The First Movie, Pokémon 4Ever and Pokémon – Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

Those that play the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online can earn an extra-special Daily Bonus today, whether playing on a computer, iPad, or Android tablet. There are promotions in Pokémon Shuffle, and remember that Bottle Cap distributions are running for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon until Sunday 5th March 2017.

The new Pikachu Yellow Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL is also now available at retailers in North America, for those that have been looking to upgrade their handheld.

Lastly, Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel has released on the iTunes Store, Google Play, and Amazon Video, while a special Pokémon the Series: Gold & Silver TV episode bundle is now available.

Phew. Enjoy Pokémon Day everyone!

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