Death Squared Cheat Code Unlocks All Levels


If you are having a hard time surviving the treacherous test chambers in Death Squared, then developer SMG Studio has a cheat code that can let you take a shortcut to immediately unlock all levels.

The multiplayer puzzle game is all about cooperation, communication and robot explosions, with cuboid comrades working together to survive spikes, lasers, and other deadly devices to escape a hazardous science facility.

For those that want to unlock every level right from the start rather than working your way through, then firstly select Story Mode. When on the ‘Select Level’ screen, hit Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, and, if successfully entered, you will hear a sound. That indicates that all levels are now unlocked.

We had a blast with the multiplayer puzzler, concluding in our review: “Death Squared is available on other platforms, but it, incredibly, feels at home on Nintendo Switch – in tandem with the simplicity of handing a Joy-Con to another play to quickly get them in on the action. If anything, this is a game that I will remember for the trash talking alone.”

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