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Nindies New Year Sale Delivers Nintendo eShop Discounts On Nintendo Switch

Nine indie developers behind some of the most exciting games to grace the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch have grouped up to discount their titles to celebrate the new year. The Nindies New Year Sal...


Death Squared Cheat Code Unlocks All Levels

If you are having a hard time surviving the treacherous test chambers in Death Squared, then developer SMG Studio has a cheat code that can let you take a shortcut to immediately unlock all levels. Th...


Death Squared Review

Tired after a late night spent bidding on Hawaiian shirts and a 25-pound Gummy Bear on OmniBay, OmniCorp testing technician David Valenzuela turns up for work the next morning to observe Robotics Arti...

8 Great

Robots Explode In Death Squared On Nintendo Switch

SMG Studio has announced that their multiplayer puzzle game about cooperation, communication and robot explosions, Death Squared, will soon see release on Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version ...

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