Camelot And Bandai Namco Studios Behind Mario Sports Superstars


The Australian Classification Board has revealed that Camelot and Bandai Namco Studios are behind Mario Sports Superstars.

The Nintendo 3DS exclusive was announced in last week’s Nintendo Direct, a compilation with five full-scale sports in Football, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and Horse Racing. Players will be able to take part in multiple Cups for each sport within the single-player Tournament mode, with the game to support both local and online multiplayer.

Camelot Software Planning will be a name familiar to most, thanks in part to their successes with the Golden Sun, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis series. However, Wii U exclusive Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash was a sour note on their otherwise relatively consistent record.

Whereas Bandai Namco Studios have become a multi-faceted development team who Nintendo has called on to help with games such as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, Pokkén Tournament, and Wii Sports Club.

Mario Sports Superstars will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in spring 2017.

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