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Free amiibo With Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Purchase

The Nintendo Official UK Store is looking to reward those that buy Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash from the online retailer with a free Super Mario amiibo. The promotion runs until Saturday 31st December 20...


Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Review

Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom pals take to the court in Wii U exclusive Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, which Nintendo rallied over the net as one of their surprise announcements in E3 2015’s Ninten...

6 Fair

Sprixie Princess rallies to victory in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

With Bowser Jr. and Dry Bowser recently revealed as playable characters in in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Nintendo has now shared that Sprixie Princess will be joining them. The fairy-like creature fir...


Secret Characters revealed for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Nintendo has revealed two secret characters that will compete against their Mushroom Kingdom rivals in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. Those characters won’t come as a particular surprise to those th...


Nintendo 64’s Mario Tennis offered as Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash digital bonus

Nintendo of Europe are looking to encourage players to step up to the baseline, serving a digital bonus for those that choose to buy Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash from the Nintendo eShop. Those that purch...


Team up with amiibo in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

We’ll shortly be making our return to centre court, and Nintendo has shared more details about Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. That sees the Wii U exclusive compatible with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowse...


Nintendo Official UK Store serves up Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash pre-order bonus

With Star Fox Zero delayed into 2016, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash remains the lone Wii U exclusive to see release in Europe on November 20th. Therefore the Nintendo Official UK Store have made their mov...

Star Fox Zero and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash strike Europe on November 20th

Nintendo of Europe has today drilled down their release schedule for the remainder of the year, slotting in numerous Wii U and Nintendo 3DS titles that were still without launch dates. That notably se...


Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash lands an ace on Wii U

The Nintendo Digital Event served up a surprise in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, seeing everyone’s favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters take to centre court. With Camelot at the helm, Ultra Smash ...

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