Analyst: Nintendo’s marketing “was a disaster” for Wii U

Reggie Wii U1

DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole has lambasted Nintendo’s poor attempts to market either the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS XL last year.

With so many different aspects to explain regarding the new home console, Nintendo’s marketing message has been convoluted to say the least.

Cole commends them for their efforts with previous campaigns, and places hope that they will soon deliver something more suitable for Wii U.

“Going the way of SEGA and only doing software is simply not the best route,” Cole stated to GamesIndustry International in discussion if whether Nintendo should place software on rival platforms. “But if they are going to do hardware they need to do some marketing for that hardware.

“Nintendo’s performance the last year was a disaster. It was almost like they rolled over and played dead with less than zero marketing for both the Wii U and the 3DSXL. This is something that can be changed.

“I don’t understand what their thinking was, but in an age when consumers are clamoring for portable/tablet hardware it would seem to be a huge opportunity for Nintendo.

“Nintendo used to be great at marketing hardware and if they could bring that back I think there is opportunity.”

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