ZombiU’s multiplayer modes revealed


Further information has surfaced regarding three different multiplayer game types for Wii U exclusive ZombiU.

Time Attack challenges you to see how many zombies you are able to kill within a specified time limit, your point score then uploaded to an online leaderboard.

Survival is similar, seeing how long the player can hold out for using only limited resources. Your score and time are, again, then shared on an online leaderboard.

Turning player against player, Zombie King will perhaps prove to have the most longevity. One player is assigned as being the Zombie King with the other as a Survivor, the latter being tasked with capturing three flags across a map whilst fending off any lurking zombies whilst doing so.

The Zombie King has control over these, provided with a top-down view of the map through using the Wii U GamePad.
They’re only able to have up to eight zombies at any one time, with varying types costing different quantities of resources. Trackers can sense where the Survivor is, whereas armoured zombies are resistant to firearms.

ZombiU is confirmed as being a Wii U launch title.

[Thanks Destructoid via GoNintendo]

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