ZombiU Survivor mode completionist receives in-game congrats from developers

zombiu congrats

You’ve just completed ZombiU’s challenging Survivor mode, and are probably enjoying a well deserved rest from having infected chomp mindlessly at your ankles.

Whilst the Wii U has no achievement system to provide recognition of what you’ve achieved, the developers are at least able to commend you for your efforts.

MTang19 has become the first player to complete the Survivor mode, within which the player is only granted a single life.

An in-game message, of which many have been posted by the developers since the game’s North American launch, reads: “MTang19 beats the game in SURVIVOR mode and was not already displayed. Glory to you MTang19! ZombiU_DevTeam”

ZombiU is now available across North America, and will launch across Europe on November 30th.

[Thanks Kotaku]

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