Zero Escape Volume 3 will spin a dark tale for Nintendo 3DS in 2016


Kotaro Uchikoshi’s remarkably dark, narrative-driven gameplay experiences will continue in Zero Escape Volume 3, building on the critical success seen with 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.

The direct sequel was announced to close the Aksys Games Panel at Anime Expo 2015, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center between Thursday 2nd – Sunday 5th July.

Such confirmation came as a welcome surprise, after creator Uchikoshi shared in February 2014 that the third instalment had been put on hold due to poor sales in Japan. While the publisher shared that the North American version is being developed in tandem with the Japanese version, no release window was provided.

“Many government organisations have dismissed our urgent warnings regarding the upcoming game event called Zero Time Dilemma,” their cryptic press release reads. “Recent intelligence has escalated our plans and we have come to the decision to contact gamers about the dangers directly. Our ultimate goal has always been to protect the public from the horrific consequences we have foreseen, but it appears our mission to prevent it from occurring may have failed. It is imperative that you make every effort to prepare yourselves for the oncoming deadly game, so that you may survive the coming apocalypse.

“An antidote for the game is predicted to be created, but much further down this timeline, and as such there is no defense from its effects. It will be most easily identifiable on Nintendo 3DS, though it is transmittable through the air so the spread may increase even more rapidly through the Nintendo eShop.

“Do not be tempted by familiar faces, fully voiced cinematics, multiple endings, or voices in both Japanese and English, as those are signs that the apocalypse is nigh. We suggest that you put extensive effort into improving your puzzle solving skills, as they will be vital to your survival.

“We at Crash Keys beg for your assistance in notifying everyone you can so that no one is left in the dark about this dangerous game. The world will end up in a tumultuous uproar, and ultimate consequences will be unavoidable unless word gets out. Use all the time available to you before the summer of next year to contact your loved ones and prepare; our intelligence hasn’t been able to focus in on an exact date at this time. Do not fear – we are here to protect you and prepare you to our utmost ability so that you may survive. You will survive. We will use all channels available to contact you with updates as soon as we uncover them. You must be ready.”

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