Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Waking The Kakariko Inn Owner

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If you were hoping to rest at the inn in Kakariko Village, then you are out of luck. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), enter the inn and you will discover that Dai was asked to watch over it while the inn’s owner went to change the Zonai Survey Team’s bedsheets. Without the owner, you will be unable to spend the night there.

This will start the Out of the Inn side quest, for which you will be tasked with learning the innkeeper’s whereabouts so that you can tell them to return to their business! The only hint that Dai can offer you is that they will likely be found at one of four tent areas that the Zonai Survey Team has set up after the Ring Ruins descended on the village.

Where is the Inn Owner in Kakariko Village

To save you from searching all of them, the tent area that you will want to head to is to the northwest (Coordinates 1736, -902, 0199). Here you will find Gordi, who is desperate to wake up Ollie, the inn owner, before Saguru discovers that he has been sleeping on a stone slab that has been recovered from the Ring Ruins.

Gordi explains that the inn owner came to change their beds but then fell asleep, and, since then, nothing wakes him up whether that be shouting at or shaking him.

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How to wake the Inn Owner in Kakariko Village

The clue that Gordi gives you is that the inn owner has been mumbling “truffle” in his sleep every now and then, to which he guesses that he is dreaming about eating a hearty truffle. He wonders whether the inn owner would wake up if he could smell a heart truffle right under his nose, but frets as they are pretty rare to find.

He will direct you to a waterfall in Kakariko Village where he had managed to find one, to which he is unsure whether it was dropped or had floated along the river. If you do not already have a Hearty Truffle, head to the waterfall and climb up the nearby cliff face to discover that you can crouch and enter Kakariko Village Cave (Coordinates 1946, -0981, 0159) to follow where the water is coming from. Explore the cave and, among other things like Fairies, you will soon be able to recover the Hearty Truffle that you need.

Return to where Ollie is sleeping and drop your Hearty Truffle next to him. This will wake him up and you will be able to retrieve the Hearty Truffle that you had used to do so. Gordi will be relieved, and Ollie will rush back to his inn to relieve Dai from looking after it for him. Dai will be thankful for having his free time back, and will reward you with a Sticky Elixir which grants high-level slip resistance on wet surfaces – made from four sticky frogs and a Bokoblin horn.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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