Yoshinori Ono to step back from Street Fighter series

yoshinori ono1

After news that he had been rushed to hopital, Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono has taken to social media site Twitter to explain that he will be taking a break from work.

He thanked fans for their continued support, and apologised for having made everyone worry.

“I caused you so much worry for a while”, Ono-san wrote. “I went back to work. [The Street Fighter] team are working wholeheartedly on patches for Street Fighter X Tekken. Please wait just a little longer.

“I apologise for that. And thanks for a lot of get-well messages! I’ll refrain from work [on my] current job for a while. Another person [is] in charge of the Street Fighter series for a while. Of course I’ll [give] constant support to it.

“I’ll be out of the limelight [of] fighting game series for a while. I’ll think about the new future of fighting games after this.”

[Thanks EDGE]

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