XSEED Games Tease Nintendo Switch Announcements

the legend of heroes trails of cold steel 2 image

XSEED Games has teased that they are preparing to make “some announcements” about what games they have in development for Nintendo Switch.

The publisher will be known to many for localising The Last Story on Wii, and, most recently, their work on the Akiba’s Trip, The Legend of Heroes, Earth Defense Force, Senran Kagura and Story of Seasons series.

Reddit user Elyklord had enthused about the games that XSEED had been localising for other platforms, and asked whether they had any plans to support Nintendo Switch. In response, a company representative replied: “We are big supporters of the Switch so you’ll definitely be seeing some announcements about it from us soon, though it may not specifically be for the titles and series you’re looking for.”

We know that there is a Story of Seasons game in development for Nintendo Switch, but, aside from that, nothing else has been announced so far.

It can be assumed that XSEED will be saving their announcements for E3 2017, which takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center between Tuesday 13th – Thursday 15th June.

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