Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition USB Soundtrack Wracked With DRM Woes


With Xenoblade Chronicles X now being available worldwide, players are fighting hard for humanity’s survival. But planet Mira’s indigens aren’t the only danger being faced, with negative reports emerging regarding the Wii U exclusive’s Special Edition.

Those complaints specifically revolve around the USB drive – modelled after a Lifehold Unit – that houses 10 tracks from Hiroyuki Sawano’s rousing soundtrack. Some particularly stringent DRM implementation is causing trouble, blocking access to the Y Drive and then proceeding to hide it in the registry.

Reddit user CSFFlame shares that, once inserted: “It mounts the encrypted folder on the Y drive, then edits the group policy for your computer to block system access to the drive, then edits the registry to hide the drive…. It does not revert these changes.

“You will not be able to use the Y drive letter until you revert changes, and considering lots of enterprises use Z,Y,X and whatnot for mapped network drives, don’t try listening to this at work.”

Thankfully they are on hand with advice regarding how to revert the changes and unhide the drive, but it is a complication that isn’t particularly ideal.

It’s important to note that the soundtrack is owned by Sony Music Japan subsidiary DefSTAR Records, and therefore the situation – and lack inclusion in Europe’s Limited Edition – could have been out of Nintendo of America’s hands.

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