Xenoblade Chronicles X sells 72 percent of launch shipment


Xenoblade Chronicles X‘s Japanese launch has been met with relative success, at least by Nintendo’s own expectation.

Monolith Soft’s Wii U exclusive sold 85,586 copies within its first week on sale, which Media Create account as being 72.01 percent of the initial shipment that Nintendo sent to retailers.

Siliconera shared that, in comparison, Wii’s Xenoblade Chronicles sold 82,952 copies in the game’s launch week, which was a slightly higher sell-through at 76.29 percent.

It went on to sell more than 197,000 copies, although that relative enthusiasm doesn’t seem to have carried across to Xenoblade Chronicles X. That may be partly attributed to the Wii U’s lower installed base, which currently sits at over 2.3 million units in Japan.

Xenoblade Chronicles X has now launched exclusively for Wii U in Japan, and will see a western release later this year.

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