Xenoblade Chronicles X receives Version 1.01 update in Japan


Xenoblade Chronicles X‘s executive director Tetsuya Takahashi recently acknowledged criticism directed at the Wii U exclusive, and it appears that Monolith Soft have moved to address it.

Nintendo have pushed live a Version 1.01 update in Japan, which players have steadily begun reporting what tweaks and changed have been made by the developer.

This sees players note interface and gameplay tweaks, with the equipment menu now letting you display obtained weapons by level requirement as well as those that can’t be equipped by the selected character’s chosen class.

The Union gameplay mechanics have changed, with points having become easier to earn through several actions – a requirement to increase the player’s B.L.A.D.E. level. This in turn allows you to upgrade either Mechanical, Biological and Search field skills, allowing you to progress more easily than before.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will release exclusively for Wii U in North America on December 4th, and in Europe this December.

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