Xenoblade Chronicles 3D’s first run to include Special Soundtrack CD


Nintendo are looking to encourage pre-orders in Japan, having announced that they will reprint the Special Soundtrack CD for inclusion with first run copies of the New Nintendo 3DS exclusive.

This 12-strong track selection, referred to as the Xenoblade Special Soundtrack, was similarly offered as a bonus item with the original Wii version, with the tracklist being as follows:

1. Main Theme
2. Colony 9
3. Fight!
4. Gaur Plains
5. Memories
6. Macuna Woods
7. Those Who Bear Their Name
8. Field of the Machinae
9. Confrontation with the Enemy
10. The Awakening of the Giant
11. Parting and…
12.Beyond the Sky

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is scheduled to release exclusively for New Nintendo 3DS in Europe on April 2nd, as well as North America and Japan in the same month.

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