Worm Jazz Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Worm Jazz Screenshot

Inconspicuous Creations has announced that their wriggly puzzler Worm Jazz is now available on Nintendo Switch.

The experience has looked to combine “the elongating body mechanic of Snake with the explosion-heavy demolition of Bomberman.”

You play as Mr. Mark, an earthworm “with a particular fondness for smooth jazz and dapper headwear,” and are challenged to wriggle through mazes filled with mines, wormholes, boulders and power-ups in more than 50 hand-crafted stages.

When you blow yourself up you will shrink, and gobbling up all the food on each stage will make you expand but also let you secure the highly coveted golden apple.

Jazz composer Oliver Getz is behind the game’s soundtrack, offering a “welcoming vibe” with loops of calming, upbeat tunes to chill out to as you solve the game’s labyrinth of brain busters.

Worm Jazz is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide priced at £7.99 ($8.99).

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