Wii U woes continue as Nintendo share first-quarter financial results


Nintendo have today shared their first-quarter financial results, encompassing April 1st through to June 30th 2013.

Whilst the company saw a return to positive results in ordinary and net incomes – 81,548 million yen and 14,817 million yen respectively – which saw them able to deliver an overall net income of 8,624 million yen.

Nintendo 3DS hardware sales rose by 12 percent globally in comparison to last year, with software sales also seeing a 10 percent increase. Whilst downloadable software saw a jump of 150 percent too.

Of more concern is that global Wii hardware sales outpaced the Wii U, which is struggling to gain a foothold at retail. Nintendo’s smash hit console saw sales of 210,000, whilst their new arrival only managed 160,000 sales bringing the worldwide install base to an uninspiring 3,610,000 in total.

Nintendo will be looking toward key first-party releases in the run up to Christmas to regain momentum, although the threat of competitor platforms could distract consumer attention.

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