Wii U system update next week to address freezing issues

wiiu gamepad

Since launching across North America on

“I called about my Wii U locking up at random, and the lady surprised me when she said that I should wait until next week to apply the new system update that should fix the issue,” the Reddit user explained.. “If it does not, then I should call back and do further troubleshooting.

“So I asked her ‘Are you telling me that there will be a update for the Wii U next week that will fix these freezing issues?” and she again said that there would be an update and it would likely fix my problem.

“The only other info she asked of my was what colour the system was (so they can keep track of Basic vs. Deluxe console issues I assume) and what game I was playing when it was freezing.

“So there you have it, get ready for another patch and cross your fingers it doesn’t take longer than a week.”

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