Wii U system update available next week


Today’s Nintendo 3DS Direct also saw global president Satoru Iwata take the opportunity to share Wii U news.

Next week will see the arrival of the promised spring update, which will dramatically improve loading times on Nintendo’s latest home console.

Alongside this, owners will find that the console will automatically download and install software within the background, as well as title updates. Whilst the console will remain on standby to complete any downloads that haven’t yet completed, before switching itself off.

You will also now be able to switch data between separate USB devices, and boot directly into Wii Mode by holding the B button at start-up.

The Virtual Console will also launch next week, with games including Super Metroid, Excitebike, Super Mario World and Ice Climbers, whereas the Wii U Panorama View also releasing through the Nintendo eShop.

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