Wii U controller to feature built-in Internet Browser


Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that the Wii U controller, whilst able to be utilised in a variety of different ways by developers, will also feature a built-in Internet browser.

Miyamoto considers this to be the biggest design accomplishment that Nintendo have made with the new console, and echoes similar functionality with the Nintendo 3DS where players are able to browse the Internet whilst pausing their current game in the background.

“You have a screen available at any time that you can check,” Miyamoto explains. “This dedicated second screen, and the way people may use it, not just for gaming, but to do things like browse the Internet, is the Wii U’s single, biggest design accomplishment.”

“When you look at most TVs in home nowadays it takes awhile for them to turn on. That becomes a barrier for people.”

[Thanks, Kotaku]

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  1. Wait, so if it’s built in does that mean the controller itself has built-in processors and whatnot? Maybe the internet browser will still connect even when the console is “off”; kind of like how the WiiConnect24 stayed connected even when the console was “off.” You can probably turn the console off completely so it doesn’t connect to the controller if you want to.

    1. I imagine the capability must just be streamed from the console. There’s still a heap of unanswered questions regarding the Wii U, I’m hoping Nintendo provide more clarity at the Tokyo Game Show…

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