Wii Sports Club scores Baseball and Boxing on June 27th


Wii Sports Club will shortly score a home run, with Nintendo announcing that Baseball and Boxing will become available through the Nintendo eShop on June 27th.

These follow on from Bowling, Tennis, Golf which have seen release since last November, with the reworked titles introducing online multiplayer that allows you to compete in a regional club ranking system and Miiverse integration.

Baseball now puts the Wii U GamePad to use when pitching, players holding the controller upright and looking on at the nervous batter in a first-person perspective. Different types of pitch can be selected, choosing the power and aim of your throw. Then, if the ball is struck, you will need to keep it in the middle of the GamePad screen to catch it if the opportunity arises.

While Boxing allows you to use one Wii Remote Plus controller in each hand for more precision, with Skill Shaper challenges allowing you to hone your technique. These include Speed Bag, where you must pull off the right punches when instructed, and Pro Puncher, where you smash targets that appear in front of you.

Those that download or return to Wii Sports Club on June 27th will receive a 48-hour free trial that lets you play Baseball and Boxing, as well as Bowling, Tennis and Golf. Beyond this, a 24-hour Day Pass (£1.79) can be purchased through the Nintendo eShop, or permanent access to Baseball and Boxing for £8.99.

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