Wii Play: Motion dated for Europe

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Nintendo of Europe have today dated Wii Play: Motion, a collection of twelve innovative, fun mini-games that are used to specifically demonstrate the technical prowess of the Wii Remote Plus, for a June 24th release across the region.

Aiming to expand upon the success of its predecessor Wii Play, which has now sold over 9 million copies across Europe, Wii Play: Motion will be bundled with an exclusive red Wii Remote Plus controller and will see you twist and turning with your friends throughout a variety of mini-games.

You’ll be able to use your personalised Mii character throughout each of the mini-games, where you’ll find yourself in unexpected yet interesting settings. For instance, in Wind Runner you’ll find your Mii donning a pair of roller skates and using an umbrella to carry yourself along a race course. Strategically angling your Wii Remote Plus will become a necessity as you change direction, jump and increase your speed throughout the course, dodging obstacles that fall into your path.

Further games include Treasure Twirl, where the Wii Remote Plus acts as a “winch” to collect deep-sea treasure, and Cone Zone, where you tilt the Wii Remote Plus in the correct position to balance ice cream within a giant waffle cone and prevent it from falling as extra scoops are added.

Each may be played in single-player mode, yet further modes allow you to play with up to three other people to join in on the fun! For example in the Skip Skimmer mini-game, where you are tasked with skipping stones across a lake, you can play a Score Mode that will challenge up to four players to skip stones through a series of rings in an effort to hit the target at the end. You’ll have to beat your opponents scores to win the game!

The final mini-game example is Spooky Search, where you and up to three friends can become ghost hunters as you work together to apprehend and collect wayward spirits that have escaped through your TV screen and into your living room. Utilising the speaker on the Wii Remote Plus, you are up against the clock to try and locate the ghosts and will have to point your Wii Remote Plus off-screen and anywhere around your living room to snare as many ghosts as you possibly can.

Wii Play: Motion is due to release exclusively for Wii across Europe on June 24th.

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