Why was the Famicom red, you ask? A scarf


So, why did Nintendo choose white and red as their colouring for the Famicom? Ever wonder?

If so, Famicom hardware designer Masayuki Uemura has now revealed precisely why during a conversation with Japan’s Weekly Playboy. A red scarf.

Whilst previous speculation had pointed toward those plastics being the cheapest at the time, it was actually an order from the company’s president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, at the time.

“The reason why we used the dark red was simply due to an order from the company’s president [Hiroshi Yamauchi]”, Uemura explained, within an interview to mark the console’s 30th anniversary this year. “Our President often wore a scarf that was a similar dark red color, with the reason being this was a color he liked.”

So, that’s that.

[Thanks Destructoid]

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