Welcome to Nintendo Universe 2.0!

As can be immediately assumed from the title, today has seen Nintendo Universe undergo its first significant revamp since we launched back in 2010!

Whilst most of the site’s functions remain the same, regular visitors will note our new logo, epic galactic background, and an increased ease of use in being able to share our latest content with your friends across Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

2011 proved to be a particularly exciting time, The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary and Nintendo 3DS proving enough to keep even the most avid fans busy, yet 2012 is set to be even better. With the Wii U looming ever closer, and Nintendo’s latest handheld having now consolidated itself into a far more comfortable position after a stuttering start, there’s plenty in the near future to be getting excited about.

I’d like to thank you all for your support up until this point, and hope that you’ll continue to join us for all the key Nintendo developments throughout 2012 and the future!

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