WayForward relocate to new office

Heralded by their recent successes, WayForward have announced that they’ve moved office “to a more roomy location.”

Currently hard at work on DuckTales Remastered and Mighty Switch Force! 2, among others, the studio has a busy year ahead.

“Help us celebrate moving day! WayForward hit a growth spurt this year and as a result we’ve packed up our Smyth Drive office and moved to a more roomy location,” they shared on their website’s blog.

“We are now located off the 5 freeway on the historic ‘Old Road.’ We’re right across from Magic Mountain, a few miles north of the fabled Oak of the Golden Dream,’ where legend tells of a man waking beneath that tree with an urge to dig. And, lo! — he discovered the first California gold.”

They continue, “At WayForward we also have big fancy dreams, and are fond of collecting golds in secret caves. So no problem, we’ll fit right in. Send gift baskets and gold to: WayForward, 28738 The Old Road, Valencia, CA 91355.”

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