Watch Sumo Digital Play Snake Pass On Nintendo Switch


Sumo Digital returned to Twitch for their weekly Snake Pass Ssstream Thursdaysss, in which designer David Dino and programmer Brendan Burns talked about developing Snake Pass across multiple platforms.

Now we know that the physics-based puzzle platformer will release on Nintendo Switch, the duo shared plenty of praise for the differentiated direction that Nintendo has taken compared to Microsoft and Sony.

With support for Unreal Engine 4, they reveal that it took Sumo Digital around a week to have the game running on the console in a playable state. They have since been hard at work optimising Snake Pass on Nintendo Switch, and, while the build that was shown isn’t the most recent, it still looks rather sumptuous.

“The fact that Nintendo are working so closely with Epic… it’s great,” Burns enthused. “I mean it’s really going to enable and empower a lot of people to get great games on [Nintendo] Switch fast. I’m sure between Epic and Nintendo they’ve got an updated release list of what’s coming and what is underway.

“The idea of new hardware arriving and, within a week-ish, the game being up and running on it is previously unheard of, I guess. It’s very clear that there has been a great working relationship between those two.”

Snake Pass will release on Nintendo Switch worldwide in early 2017.

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