Watch Over A JRPG Theme Park In Heroland On Nintendo Switch

Heroland E3 2019 Key Art

XSEED Games and FuRyu have revealed that Heroland will release on Nintendo Switch, a single-player RPG that takes place in a theme park.

Released in Japan as WORK x WORK, the theme park’s guests can explore dungeons, beat up baddies, and become legendary heroes, and it’s up to you to assist them from the sidelines as their tour guide.

The game has been directed by Takahiro Yamane (Fantasy Life), written by Nobuyuki Inoue (Legend of Mana), set in a colorful 2D world created by Nobuhiro Imagawa (Mother 3, Legend of Mana), and is accompanied with music from composer Tsukasa Masuko’s (Shin Megami Tensei).

Heroland will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2019.

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