Vertical Platformer Jump King Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2020

Jump King Screenshot

UKIYO Publishing and Nexile have announced that Jump King will release on Nintendo Switch this year.

This “tough as nails, tongue-in-cheek platforming game” will challenge players to ascend a colossal tower to rescue the mythical Smoking Hot Babe that awaits you at the top.

For each nerve-wracking leap, you must set yourself in the desired position, charge your jump, aim and then let gravity do its thing. Success will see you land on a ledge, whereas a misjudged leap will result in a long drop down.

“Jump King was made to make you look silly. It makes jumping, something often taken for granted in games, into the sole challenge of the game,” explains Nexile’s Felix Wahlström.

“It looks quite stupid – why are people having trouble jumping with simple three-button controls? But once you give it a try you understand why and get sucked into the engaging game loop! It is a modern idea in a captivating and nostalgic package that we think will hit the spot for console gamers.”

UKIYO Publishing’s Paul Hann adds: “Jump King has caused our team so much pain and anguish that we lost our sanity and decided we must introduce the rest of the world to this hell we have wrought. Its conclusion still eludes me, but one day I know I will conquer it. One day…”

Jump King will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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