Vernal Edge Out Now On Nintendo Switch

Vernal Edge Logo

PID Games and Hello Penguin Team have announced that their fast-paced Metroidvania Vernal Edge is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Years ago, the land took to the sky in the Kingdom of Haricot. It became a mysterious series of floating islands, on which the power-hungry Church of Aloe rules with an iron fist.

You play as a young woman called Vernal who, with help from her abnormal martial prowess and an amnesiac automaton named Chervil, is determined to battle her way through this broken kingdom to satisfy her need for revenge, uncover the truth and find her estranged father.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • A fast-paced Metroidvania: Explore the floating islands of Haricot. Town or dungeon, leave no stones unturned in order to gain more powers! Jump, dash, slide your way into beautiful pixel art environments and don’t forget: secrets could be anywhere!
  • Dynamic and rewarding combat system: Strive for excellence as you master Vernal’s many combos and spells to create the deadliest suite of attacks to destroy your enemies! The large number of options at your disposal every time you strike your foes makes Vernal Edge’s battles a constantly renewed source of excitement.
  • Make your own way: As long as there’s wind in your sail and a fire in your heart, you are free! In Vernal Edge, you can take your aircraft to any island you want, and explore them in the order you choose. Unravel the mysteries of Haricot and Help Vernal get her revenge, once and for all.

Vernal Edge is now available digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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