Vaccine Reinvents Survival Horror On Nintendo Switch This Week


This week will see Rainy Frog release Vaccine on Nintendo Switch, which promises to deliver a reinvention on what we have come to expect from the survival horror genre.

That has seen developer Rainy Night Creations take inspiration from the early games in the Resident Evil series, even going as far as to let players choose between playing as two members of a special bio-hazard response team – each starting with their own unique abilities.

Trapped in a strange house filled with dangerous mutated creatures, you will find yourself suddenly challenged with having to find a vaccine for another team member who is infected with a deadly virus.

If that wasn’t enough pressure, you have 30 minutes to secure the vaccine. With the house randomly generated each time you play, that will become all the more challenging.

Experience points can be earned for different actions and these can be used on the skills that you think will help you the most, introducing a more tactical approach compared to the games that it takes inspiration from.

Vaccine will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America on July 6th.

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