V-Rally 4 Trailer Reveals Rally And Hillclimb Disciplines

V-Rally 4 Screenshot

Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn Racing Games have released a new V-Rally 4 trailer, revealing the Rally and Hillclimb disciplines.

With modern and historical cars and taking players to locations like Africa, Siberia and the American desert, the trailer looks to illustrate the tension that a driver feels behind the wheel of their race car.

In Hillclimb, phenomenal power and endurance await you as you take on a mountain. You will drive race cars that have more than 1,000 horsepower, specially designed for the discipline and will require that you expertly control them on tracks that run along cliff faces.

There will also be three other disciplines: Extreme-Khana, where you must master drifting and combine speed and precision in these trap-packed courses; V-Rally Cross, in which you confront seven opponents who are hell-bent on making you bite the dust on dirt and asphalt tracks; and Buggy, where you drive an all-terrain vehicle on particularly rugged tracks.

V-Rally 4 will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2018.

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