Unseen64 Explores Cancelled Perfect Dark Sequels


Unseen64 continues to delve into the realms of what could have been, now turning their attention to abandoned sequels to Perfect Dark.

That information has been sourced by researcher Liam Robertson, resulting in an extensive video
which explores how Rare had shifted their resources to Xbox 360 after they were purchased by Microsoft.

We learn that Conker’s Bad Fur Day creator Chris Seavor was approached to develop another iteration of the sci-fi shooter for Xbox 360, looking to reboot the series after the divisive reaction to Perfect Dark Zero. Joanna Dark would have had a tougher and far colder personality, hardened by her years of experience and the many that she had killed in that time.

The plot promised to keep players second-guessing with twists and betrayals, having been positioned as a direct sequel to Nintendo 64’s Perfect Dark. That would have take Joanna on adventure around the world, as she looked to thwart another alien conspiracy. It saw Russia uncover alien activity on Titan, after which she hides away on a rocket destined for the moon where she discovers a terrible secret.

This first game would have been named Perfect Dark Core, with a successive sequel to be called Perfect Dark Vengeance. It is fascinating to learn about, whether that be an ambition to move away from scripted sequences to result in more dynamic encounters, but pushing players to think of ways around combat scenarios.

It was Microsoft executives that eventually shot down the project, worry remaining after Perfect Dark Zero suffered poor sales and that Xbox 360’s first-party line-up was already well-populated with sci-fi shooters.

Make sure that you watch the video below for a more comprehensive look at each game!

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