Unravel Two Could Still Release On Nintendo Switch

Unravel Two Artwork

When Unravel Two was revealed at EA Play, it came as a surprise that the game wasn’t destined for Nintendo Switch.

With the sequel presenting the chance to create relationships with other Yarnys in local co-op or as a single player, it had seemed like the perfect fit for the portable home console.

But, developer Coldwood Interactive has explained that its absence was simply down to a lack of resources, and that they would like to port it to the console – even though it “would take a lot of work.”

“Just so you all know – it’s not that we’re not aware that Unravel Two would be great on Switch. I mean, they even made it the right colors!” explains Unravel creator and Coldwood Interactive creative director, Martin Sahlin.

“But the reality is that a port would take a LOT of work and our small studio doesn’t have the resources at the moment. If we could we would! We haven’t given up on it, we WANT to do it, we just haven’t found a way to make it possible yet.”

Unravel Two is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC worldwide.

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