Unleash Your Chromagic Powers In Magic Twins On Nintendo Switch

Magic Twins Key Art

Flying Beast Labs has announced that Magic Twins will release on Nintendo Switch.

This co-operative arcade puzzler stars Abra and Cadabra – the Magic Twins – who must swap their chromagic powers in their efforts to stop the Colormageddon.

That started after they had dared to challenge the first rule of the Witchcraft School of the Island of Mallorca: “Never use your chromagic powers to dye your clothes.”

With interdimensional breaches opening up across the island, the colour elementals that are being spat out must be defeated.

Communication is invaluable to overcome the objectives and bosses that you must face – in which red beats red, blue beats blue, and so on.

Magic Twins will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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