Unleash An Apocalypse In Legend Of Evil On Nintendo Switch This Week

Legend of Evil Screenshot

Springloaded Software has announced that Legend of Evil will release on Nintendo Switch this week, a side-scrolling tower offence game in which you must build fortifications and summon procedurally generated demons and ghastly abominations.

You are Bill, a middle manager working for the Demon King that has been tasked with eradicating all life from the world. With the army of malicious demons that you rally, you must bring about the apocalypse.

On your path to conquer the campaign, you will unlock upgrades and bolster your army with the chance to fuse demons together as you adapt your strategies to battle an ever-evolving threat.

Legend of Evil will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 19th, discounted to $6.99 for its first week on sale (normally $8.99).

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