Unity Issues Hamper Yooka-Laylee Release On Nintendo Switch


We knew that Playtonic Games had started to test Yooka-Laylee on Nintendo Switch, but, since June, we haven’t heard much more about when we can start recovering Pagies on the portable home console.

Now, in an update, the developer has revealed that they had been awaiting Unity 5.6 to help overcome some “final technical hurdles,” although, now that it has released, they have encountered other issues that they are working hard to resolve.

“The Playtonic team has been working tirelessly to bring Yooka-Laylee to Nintendo Switch and we’re very nearly there (we promise!) However, we’ve encountered some final technical hurdles and had been waiting for the arrival of Unity 5.6 in order to fix them,” the developer explained.

“Although this has now been released, it has unfortunately introduced other issues which we are working with Unity to resolve before we can submit to Nintendo and lock in our release timeline.

“We understand the frustration that it’s taken so long to get the game in your hands but we hope that you understand that we’re working as fast as we can and want the game to perform as well as it possibly can on Switch. Once these remaining issues are resolved we hope to finally be able to commit to and share a launch date. Thanks as ever for your patience and please bear with us – we are getting there!”

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