Underhero Suffers Short Delay On Nintendo Switch

UnderHero Logo

Digerati and Paper Castle have confirmed that Underhero has suffered a short delay on Nintendo Switch.

The colourful 2D RPG-platformer was originally scheduled to release on the Nintendo eShop this week, but a decision was made to delay the game to “ensure that a patch to address a number of issues will be available at launch.”

The chosen hero has failed and you, as an underling of the evil boss Mr Stitches, begrudgingly must set out on a perilous quest to take their place.

With help from a magical companion, you must purge all evil from the Chestnut Kingdom. That will see you battle it out with a timing-based combat system and face off against quirky bosses.

Underhero will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 27th February 2020, with a 20 percent launch discount.

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