Uncover Your Past In Blade Chimera On Nintendo Switch

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PLAYISM has announced that the “exploration-heavy 2D action game” Blade Chimera is coming to Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive.

From Team Ladybug and WSS playground, you play as the demon hunter Shin who, after losing his memories, now explores the world with his sword – the transformed Lumina demon Lux – to recollect memories about himself, his missing wife and the skills that he has forgotten.

When you level up and recall a lost skill in this “harsh yet beautiful dystopian cyberpunk world,” Lux will change form according to the will of her wielder. This will make Shin stronger and unlock access to more areas of the world, recovering other weapons such as swift daggers and long-range guns.

“The game takes place in the near future, where warped monsters and ghouls have appeared from nowhere, swarming cities and forcing humans to battle against these creatures they’ve termed ‘demons’ in an all-out Demon War,” the publisher explains about Blade Chimera’s story.

“After 30 merciless years of war, the surviving humans have banded together under the Missa Association, a religious group formed by a leader who knows the secret to fighting the demons. Cities and civilizations continue to thrive despite the now regular sightings of bizarre monsters.

“Three years ago, a man known as Shin was rescued from among the rubble in a cryopreserved state. With no recollection of his past, he quickly becomes one of the association’s best warriors and protectors.

“However, when Shin comes across the brilliantly beautiful demon named Lux, she feels strangely familiar. This sensation of deja vu leads him to take her in, even if it means going against the creeds of the association. From that very instant, the past begins to slowly unfold, revealing the events that caused the city to take on its current form…”

Blade Chimera will be released digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide as a timed console exclusive in Spring 2024.

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