Ultra Hyperball Unleashes Multiplayer Mayhem On Nintendo Switch


Springloaded has announced that their science-fiction sports game Ultra Hyperball will see release on Nintendo Switch.

The game casts you in the far future in an imaginary universe where, as a seventeen-year-old kid, you are too old to become a professional Hyperball player. But, not one to give up on your dream, you leave your parent’s noodle shop and set out to achieve it.

With a single player Story Mode, a Cooperative Mode for up to four players and Party Battle mode, the frantic party game will let you discover the world of Hyperball. The game uses the Joy-Con, with the developer implementing optional touch and motion controls.

It’s all about perfecting your timing, as your character leaps into the air to slam a target with the top of their head. That can be done by tilting, with the touch screen, with buttons and the Left Stick or without even moving, as you look to score the highest points.

Ultra Hyperball will see release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on July 28th.

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